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Your personal Travel Agent saves you money and time

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How do we get your discounts?

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We have traveled more than 11k happy clients


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How it works?

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Cheap business class flight to Islamabad

Traveling to Islamabad from the US in business class can be cheaper. We work with all popular airlines. There are direct flights from a number of US cities, travel time is about 14 hours. Once in Islamabad, visitors can take advantage of the city’s many attractions. Pakistan’s capital is home to a number of historical attractions, as well as a vibrant nightlife and many shops and restaurants. Travelers should be aware that Pakistan is a conservative country and should dress and behave accordingly. With its stunning scenery and friendly locals, Islamabad is the perfect destination for those who want to experience something out of the ordinary.

3 Useful Tips for Traveling to Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, and it is a beautiful city with plenty to see and do. If you are planning a trip to Islamabad, here are three useful tips to help you make the most of your visit.

  • First, be sure to pack comfortable clothing. The weather in Islamabad can be quite hot, so light, airy fabrics are ideal. You will also want to pack loose-fitting shoes that are easy to walk in.
  • Second, be prepared for cultural differences. In Islamabad, it is important to dress modestly and respect local customs and traditions. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.
  • Finally, make sure you have a good map of the city. Islamabad is a large city, and it can be easy to get lost if you don’t know your way around. A good map will help you navigate your way from one sightseeing spot to the next.

3 Best Places to Visit in Islamabad

Looking for the best places to visit in Islamabad? You’ve come to the right place! Here are 3 of our top picks:

Faisal Mosque

The Faisal Mosque is the largest mosque in Pakistan and the fourth largest mosque in the world. The mosque was built in 1986 and is named after King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, who funded its construction. The mosque has a capacity of over 100,000 worshippers and is surrounded by four minarets that are each 210 feet tall. The main prayer hall is adorned with intricate Islamic calligraphy and has a large chandelier that hangs from the center of the dome. The Faisal Mosque is an iconic landmark in Pakistan and a popular tourist destination.

Pakistan Monument

Next on our list is the Pakistan Monument. This monument is a symbol of national unity and solidarity. It was built to commemorate the sacrifices of the martyrs who lost their lives during the Pakistan Movement. The monument is situated on a hill in Islamabad and is surrounded by lush green gardens. It is made up of four marble petals, each representing one of the provinces of Pakistan. The petals are joined together at the center, which represents the unity of the Pakistani people. The monument is illuminated at night, making it a stunning sight to behold. Visitors can also take a walk around the gardens and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Lok Virsa Museum

Last but not least, we have the Lok Virsa Museum. This museum is a great place to learn about the traditional culture and heritage of Pakistan. The museum has a wide variety of exhibits, including traditional arts and crafts, musical instruments, and clothing. Visitors can also watch traditional dance and music performances, or take part in workshops on such topics as pottery and wood carving. The museum also has a library with a wealth of information on Pakistan’s history and culture. Whether you’re looking to learn more about Pakistan’s past or simply want to enjoy some traditional art and music, the Lok Virsa Museum is definitely worth a visit.

Airports in Islamabad

Airports in Islamabad are some of the busiest in the world. With a large number of international and domestic flights arriving and departing every day, they are a major hub for travel and trade. The three main airports in Islamabad are Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad International Airport, and Nur Khan Airbase. All three airports are well-equipped with modern facilities and offer a wide range of services to passengers.

Benazir Bhutto International Airport

Benazir Bhutto International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Islamabad, handling over eight million passengers per year. It is located just outside the city center and offers direct flights to major cities around the world.

Islamabad International Airport

Islamabad International Airport is the second busiest airport in Islamabad, handling over four million passengers per year. It is located just north of the city center and offers direct flights to major cities around the world.

Nur Khan Airbase

Nur Khan Airbase is located just south of the city center and is used by both civilian and military aircraft. With its three busy airports, Islamabad is well-connected to the rest of the world.

Best Time to Visit Islamabad

Islamabad is a beautiful city located in Pakistan. The city is known for its lush greenery, and it is home to some of the country’s most important government buildings. If you’re planning a trip to Pakistan, you may be wondering when the best time to visit Islamabad is. The answer depends on what you’re hoping to see and do while you’re in the city. If you’re interested in exploring the city’s parks and gardens, the springtime is the ideal time to visit. From March to May, Islamabad is filled with colorful flowers in bloom. The weather is also very pleasant during this time of year, making it ideal for outdoor activities. If you’re more interested in visiting the city’s historical sights, autumn is a great time to come. The cooler temperatures make it comfortable to walk around and explore, and the leaves on the trees turn a beautiful golden color. No matter what time of year you visit Islamabad, you’re sure to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Flying Time from United States to Islamabad

The total flight duration from the United States to Islamabad, Pakistan is 17 hours, 40 minute.

Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to Islamabad

  • British Airways,
  • Turkish Airlines,
  • SAUDIA Airlines,
  • Qatar Airways,
  • Oman Air.

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