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1. What is airfare consolidator?

  1. Consolidator is an airfare broker. We are your link between airline flights and lower fares. Airlines sell only published fares, we sell a variety of different fare types, always looking for the best deal on the market.

2. How do you get rates better than directly with airlines?

  1. Airlines always distribute a small portion of their seats through consolidators at sizable discounts. Such discounted rates are not available every day nor on every flight, so it helps to be flexible. We use a variety of different fares and searching methods to get bigger savings for our clients.

3. What's the benefit for me to book with you instead directly with airline?

  1. It's natural to assume that by going directly to the airline and "cutting out the middleman" you would pay less than if you went through a travel agent. But airlines have no reason, and certainly no obligation, to offer you the lowest price. Their goal, whether on the phone or on the Internet, is to charge highest rate market can bear today. That's why their prices are much more closer to departure - they have complex algorithms to maximize profits by smart price increases.
  2. We are able to find much better rates and will offer our extensive industry knowledge to consult on all possible flights to select the one fitting your preferences best.
  3. We'll be there for you after the sale as well, if you need our help or to make changes.
  4. We build lasting relationships and do everything to ensure our clients are happy and spread good word about us. Your satisfaction is essential to our success.

4. How are you different than Expedia, Travelocity and other online sites?

  1. Such sites are often owned by one of the big airlines and simply are an online robot that aggregates all published fares on one screen. They scan many different airlines but don't really have any discounts. You can find a flight with them and then just go directly to that airline to book it. Our fares on the contrary are very different and much lower than published.

5. What are your average discounts?

  1. Our discounts are very deep, sometimes reaching as much as 70% or more. Average discounts, however are 15-35% for most flights. It depends on many factors like destination, airline and seat availability.

6. Which airlines do you work with?

  1. We work with absolutely all major carriers in the world.

7. Do you work with discount airlines?

  1. Discount carriers don't offer any additional discounts to us but we can book them as part of your total travel itinerary if needed.

8. If you have such deep discounts can I get a business class ticket for almost the same price as economy or even less?

  1. Even with our deep discounts business class will often cost 2-3 times the price of economy fare.

9. When is best time to book my tickets?

It depends on your trip:

  1. If you want to travel during peak season like Christmas and New Years, book as early as possible, especially for long routes like USA - Australia.
  2. If you want specific dates, especially weekends, and you are picky about airline choice and itinerary, book early - 6 to 10 months in advance. This usually will ensure you get great savings and itinerary that you want.
  3. If you are very flexible with travel dates and airlines we have fantastic deals on short notice of 7 to 30 days. Such fares will have offer discounts as much as 70% off as regular fares are very high closer to departure.
  4. If you want to travel in the summer, book your tickets in fall. Yes, that means 8-11 months out. Summer is the busiest season and airlines will release just a handful of amazing deals on great flights very early in advance. The closer to departure the fewer good discounted options there will be to top destinations.

10. Do your discounted fares offer mileage accumulation

  1. It varies. Some do, some don't. We will advise if there's no mileage accumulation on your airfare.

11. Are these fares refundable?

  1. Consolidator and discounted airfares are non-refundable.

12. Can I change my flights if I need to?

  1. Yes. All our flights are changeable with a fee of $450 per ticket. Occasionally there may be airfare difference to be paid as well, which varies case by case.

13. What happens if I need to cancel my flight? Do I lose my money?

  1. You can cancel flight and receive a one-year credit with BCC to redeem on future discounted flights in the same travel class. You won't lose your money.

1. How do you work?

  1. Once we know all details about your travel plans we'll search within our big airline database and call many airlines consolidator desks to check all possible deals. Your agent will compile best options and present them to you. We'll book the flight that suits you most.

2. Why can't I book online?

  1. To get such deep discounts we have to use a variety of searching tools and methods, including calling many airlines and negotiating rates. It's impossible to automate such process on a website.

3. Can I reserve the fare I liked?

  1. Airlines don't allow any holds or reservations for discounted flights. They require to ticket the flights in order to lock in discounted rate.

4. Can I book my flights and pay later?

  1. Payment is required at the time of booking.

5. What information do you need to book my flights?

  1. We require your seat and meal preferences (if any), copy of passport, address, and payment details.

6. What is the booking process?

  1. Once you settle on preferred itinerary and provide us with all necessary information we'll start ticketing process. This may take anywhere from several hours to a few days depending on the fare type and airline, since some of our providers are overseas in a different time zone. Usually we receive e-tickets from the airline within 24h.
  2. Once ticketing is complete you will receive an email with full itinerary, e-tickets and confirmation numbers, which you can use to review your booking online.

7. Do you assign seats, meals or take care of wheelchair requests?

  1. Yes. We will take care of all these requests for you.

8. What if I need to change my destination or routing after I booked flights?

  1. This will depend on your fare rules. Tickets may range from very restrictive to very flexible. Change of destination or routing usually is restricted.

1. How do I know I can trust your company?

  1. To be able to sell airline tickets an agency has to be accredited by one of the airline industry authorities, which will review company's financial standing and business practices. We have accreditation with ARC and ASTA and you can easily verify our standing on their sites.
  2. Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another authority which oversees that companies adhere to solid business practices and helps customers resolve any issues if such arise.
  3. We have numerous reviews from previous satisfied clients on our site.

2. What happens if I miss my plane or flight is canceled?

  1. If you miss a connection airline will follow its contract of carriage and put you on the next available flight. Same applies to cancelled/delayed flights due to weather or technical reasons.

3. Do you offer travel insurance?

  1. Yes, you can get it with one of our partners here.

1. How can I pay for my tickets?

  1. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and bank wire transfers

2. Do I pay you or the airline?

  1. It depends on the type of fare booked but most of the time we will process your card.

3. Do you help with Visas?

  1. To get the most professional and prompt service we recommend our partner Travel Visa Pro.

4. Do you do hotels?

  1. At the moment we focus on developing our airfare family of products and will advise once we start offering discounted accommodations as well.

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