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You can do your own search and booking but you will not have access to unpublished rates and offers and will spend much more time without clear understanding if the deal you got is good.

What is the benefit for me to book with you instead directly with the airline?

We are able to deliver better deals than airline websites and can do complex itineraries and open dates without being charged for it. You also get the benefits like access to airline lounges, as well as you get miles with most rates we offer.

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We have competitive deals often better than other platforms and have real Travel Agents who can provide individual rates and discounts, manage your booking and support you any time you may need it

Do I get a refund and compensation?

We offer a transparent refund and compensation policy and your Travel Agent will always inform you about it in writing prior to you making confirmation of your booking.

Can you help with seat assignment, changes and cancellations?

We take care of all your travel related details. Your travel agent will do seat assignment for you, will manage changes, cancellations and any requests you may need to take care of.

Can I change my flights if I need to?

Yes, if the fare rules allow, cancellations and/or changes are permitted up to 48 hours before departure. There will be a minimum of $250.00 per Passenger processing fee in addition to any fare difference and any applicable fees/penalties charged by the Supplier and/or recalled by the Supplier.

Can I reserve the fare I liked?

Airlines don’t allow any holds or reservations for discounted flights. They require to ticket the flights in order to lock in discounted rate.

What happens if I miss my plane or flight is canceled?

If you miss a connection airline will follow its contract of carriage and put you on the next available flight. Same applies to cancelled/delayed flights due to weather or technical reasons.

What happens if I need to cancel my flight? Do I lose my money?

If the fare rules allow, you can cancel the flight and receive a one-year credit with BCC to redeem on future discounted flights in the same travel class. For more information, please check with your agent at the time of booking.

Do you provide other travel services?

We provide multiple additional travel services such as travel insurance plans, hotel reservations, airport transits, train tickets, and entertainment reservations.

What is the payment policy?

We have multiple payment options. We accept most credit cards, you can also do wire transfers and pay by check.

How can I pay for my tickets?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and bank wire transfers.

Can I book my flights and pay later?

Payment is required at the time of booking.

Do I pay you or the airline?

It depends on the type of fare booked but most of the time we will process your card.

How to get a cheap business class ticket to UAE from US

Looking for cheap business class flights to United Arab Emirates? We offer a wide range of business class flight options to United Arab Emirates, so you can find the perfect flight to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a direct flight or one with stops, we can help you find the best deal on business class flights to United Arab Emirates. And because we work with a variety of airlines, we can offer cheap business class flights from a variety of departure cities USA. So whether you’re coming from New York, Washington, or anywhere else, we can help you find cheap business class flights to UAE. 

Tips for Traveling to UAE

Traveling to the United Arab Emirates can be a great experience if you follow some key tips.

First, make sure you bring your passport with valid visa as entry into UAE requires a visa, and many visitors must obtain 3 or 6 months prior to arrival.

Second, travelers should have some form of identification on them at all times as in certain areas tourists are subject to spot checks by law enforcement.

Finally, always respect local customs and laws like covering up when visiting religious sites.

If you keep these 3 useful tips for traveling to UAE in mind, you’ll find yourself better prepared and hopefully able to enjoy a smooth travel experience!

5 Best Places to Visit in the UAE

With its sapphire-blue waters and golden coastline, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an alluring destination for visitors in search of unique attractions. From coastal towns to futuristic cities, there’s something for everyone.

Here are 5 of the best places to visit in UAE:

  • Dubai,
  • Abu Dhabi,
  • Fujairah,
  • Sharjah,
  • Ras al Khaimah.

Dubai boasts luxurious international shopping centers, vibrant nightlife scenes, expansive man-made islands, and architectural wonders like Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world.

Abu Dhabi is renowned for its elegant Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as well as its majestic palaces and beachside resorts.

Fujairah offers dramatic mountain scenery alongside fascinating archaeological sites and wildlife sanctuaries – perfect for hikers or nature enthusiasts.

Sharjah features a wealth of museums and art galleries as well as traditional historic sites such a quaint ports and vivid souks.

Finally, Ras al Khaimah boats lush natural sanctuaries such as Al Wadi Desert National Park and a range of exciting adventure activities such as sand boarding, camel racing and zip lining.

With these 5 destinations in mind, you’re sure to find something captivating when visiting the UAE!

Airports in United Arab Emirates

Here is a list of the 9 airports in the UAE:

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Bateen Airport
  • Al Ain Airport
  • Dalma Airport
  • Fujairah International Airport
  • Dubai International Airport
  • Sir Bani Yas Airport
  • Ras Al Khaimah Airport
  • Sharjah International Airport

Best Time to Visit UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a variety of entertainment and awe-inspiring sights, making it a fantastic place for tourists all year round. Whether you’re looking for some stunning scenery or new experiences, the UAE is sure to deliver. The best time to visit the UAE is from October through April, as this period offers the most pleasant temperatures and lowest amounts of rainfall. During these months, tourists can partake in outdoor activities like sightseeing and hiking without worrying about intense heat or humidity. Tourists who prefer cooler weather should plan their trips for December through February, when temperatures between 15 – 21 degrees Celsius are typical. Visiting during peak holiday seasons will bring more tourists, crowded airports and higher prices on fares and accommodation – so consider this if you wish to save on your budget.

Flying Time from United States to UAE

The total flight duration from United States to United Arab Emirates is 12 hours, 16 minute.

Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to UAE

  • American Airlines,
  • United Airlines,
  • Delta Airlines,
  • Lufthansa,
  • KLM,
  • Air France,
  • Air Canada.

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